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Meet The Owners


Sarah Young


Sarah Young is originally from Great Britain and started her life in America when she was 20 years old.  She originally came for a year to be a "nanny" for a family in Pebble Beach, CA. After only a few months she met an active duty soldier, and soon became an "Army wife." This gave her the opportunity to experience many military moves and was able to explore several parts of North America and Europe. 


She started her Real Estate career in 2005 after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Business and Finance.  She instantly fell in love with her career choice.  Sarah is very driven, motivated and her approachable personality along with her high professional standards make her a great "mentor" to new and experienced agents.


Sarah was so proud to have the opportunity to open Re/Max Southern Properties with her highly respected business partner, Angie Lyon. Since their grand opening in 2011 they have worked hard to provide an ideal office for Realtors to grow their business. Their open-door policy along with their hard work and passion for Real Estate has allowed them to provide an office that gives agents the tools they need to grow and develop their business. 

We look forward to you joining our office!

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Angie Lyon


Angie was born and raised here in North Carolina. She launched her Real Estate career in 2006 representing new construction. Angie loves every detail of being an agent and owner and thrives on the continued success of the agency.

Angie Lyon is a proud co-owner of RE/MAX Southern Properties in Sanford, North Carolina. She and her business partner, Sarah Young opened their doors in 2011 and through passion and determination, have watched their agency grow in leaps and bounds.

RE/MAX Southern Properties is home to new and established agents and is always eager to connect with full-time, professional Real Estate agents that are looking to be a part of their culture. The agents were quoted as saying “I love working here because Angie is extremely knowledgeable and down to earth.”, “I like that this office is the perfect blend of casual and professional, and “Angie has an approachable personality and high standards which makes her a great mentor”.

Come see for yourself why RE/MAX Southern Properties is the right choice for you!

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